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Some links you might like to visit



>>Real UFO

Some interesting video


UFO Evidence

Has some nice photos



The British UFO research site


>> Cost to coast - Art Bell

A sight for all things strange and interesting


>> John E Mack Institute

John E. Mack Institute is to explore the frontiers of human experience


>> The Discloser Project on YOU tube

Experts give their experience


>> The UFOINFO Website

The UFOINFO Website operates on a not-for-profit basis and provides impartial coverage of a wide range of UFO topics


>> World UFO Photos

A good website for UFO photos from around the world



What can I say this is a new site for all true UFO researchers out there interested in sightings from Africa and beyond!


Anyway this is the first UFO Afrinews issue to be published in 1988. All files are in PDF format. Please note each issue is around 5MBs in size. Click on the image to view all resources.



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